During a three year period as a child I had my first spiritual experiences. This commenced with the passing of my mother when I was ten years old. At that time I had no control over these events and no-one to help me understand what was happening.

This period of time is talked about in some detail in my first book, which is the first part of the Message Trilogy  “The Message: Two Voices”

My abilities were reawakened in 1988 during a dream where my mother came to me for the first time since her passing. 18 years after her death. She passed on information that, whilst not pleasant, came to fruition within 15 months of her visit. A seed had been planted in my mind and the journey to spiritual enlightenment began. A quest to understand what was happening and how I was changing. Almost 25 years later and the process of learning, developing, continues to propel me down the path of life I have chosen to follow.

To this point my work has been low key. No advertising, all word-of-mouth. Though my client base covers not just England, but most of Europe and most English speaking countries all over the world.

I have been fortunate enough to meet some of life’s ‘Great People’ many of whom I can consider to be good friends.

The idea of this website came about primarily due to writing my book and the messages contained within it which has created a desire to reach a much wider audience. This has also led me on the path to doing shows which I am enjoying immensely. I have realised that I am just not able to see everyone who would like a reading and doing a show lets me reach out to so many more of you.

LOve and Light


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