Missing Malaysian Flight MH370.

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For all those who have seen the video, thank you for taking time to have a look. For those that have not yet, there’s a link to my You tube channel on my home page.

Before I start, I would just like to answer a few queries and the odd criticism I have recieved during the time I have spent trying to help with this tragedy.

I state in my book The Message: Two Voices, that everyone in the world has both psychic and spiritual abilites.

We are all psychic because we have instinct and intuition. We get senses about people that don’t fit with the laws that apply to the five basic senses. We get ‘gut’ feelings, often proven to be right. A Psychic is simply a person who has attuned those abilities to a higher level in order to be able to link in to higher physical energy.

A Medium, quite simply, communicates with spiritual energy. People that have died and moved on to another dimension.

For those that dismiss all talk of an afterlife please accept, at the very least,  that energy cannot be destroyed and when the body dies, energy moves in to a different state.

Spirits communicate with every one of us, so we are all Mediums. We all have Spirit guides who are trying to talk to us constantly. They want to reassure us; comfort us, guide us down , or onto, the right path. Spirits can see elements of our future, but that’s not what this is about of course. Your loved ones will talk to you, tapping into your subconcious mind whilst you sleep. You won’t remember the experience, but there will be changes all the same. We often get out of the wrong side of the bed, so to speak, after we’ve had a telling off from a loved one during the night. Not knowing why we’re feeling out of sorts. Altertinitively we may wake feeling refreshed despite going through a difficult time.

Everyone exists within a frame that we create for ourselves, through life’s experiences. If you are a non-believer, try adjusting that frame. Even better, remove it altogether. Allow your mind to learn and understand new possibilites

It is not my intention to cause any distress for anyone involved in this.

I want to and feel I can help. I’m looking for nothing more than the right result. The authorites have got nothing after three and a half weeks. Soon it will become yesterdays news and whilst people wont stop looking, they will move resources to other things.

All I’m asking is for someone to investigate my findings and search any areas of land that seem relelvant to what I have. What is there to lose? They have nothing else to go on!

I’m going to go through the events chronologically, to help you understand what, how, when I’ve experienced things to help gauge my feelings and frustrations.

For the first week after the plane vanished I had no sense of anything. Didn’t give it much of a thought, even after other people asked for my opinions.

Friday 14th March, I had my first dream. I was in total darkness listening to foreign voices speaking in my head. The only voices I recognised were Chinese. I woke up feeling distressed. Had a headache and felt nauseous, which has become a signature when I have ever linked into the missing plane.

It was Saturday lunchtime before I connected it with the missing flight. Energy connects in clusters, four or five spirits will come through together to make the energy link stronger. Grandma Betty won’t visit on her own . She’ll bring as many of her family and friends with her as she can to make the connection stronger. Is is also possible to make links to the living in the same way. Distress gives off a strong signal, so imagine over 250 people collectively reaching out. People such as myself will pick up on that signal, to varying degrees based on the mediums abilities.

Meditated that afternoon and got the bulk of what went in to the video.

Remember, this was before passenger manifests bacame public and no definitive search areas had been highlighted.

The search needs to be in the Indian Ocean. At the time they were considering areas of land.

‘Magnets’ messed with the elctronics on the plane. Also portable devices, so no-one could get a message out. This is not for me to speculate on, but it’s what I was given.

The reason for my symptoms is that I was feeling what those on the plane felt due to a loss/drop in pressure to both flight deck and cabin which would reduce oxygen levels.

The plane veered to the left and set a new course looking for a place to land. They either misjudged this, or passed over the site for some reason. It is my feeling that one or both pilots lost conciousness at some point, or were incapacitated, which would explain this turn of events. If the electronics are not working are they flying blind? This is for an expert to speculate on, not us mere mortals.

On occasion I talk to some spirits and it’s as if they were sat with me. Often though, it’s more cryptic and sometimes down right confusing. Especially if there are elements of distress involved. Also I’m not sure who is giving me this information regarding the plane. Spirits don’t lie, but they can mislead for various reasons. It seems to be about the balance between free will and fate. What I do know is that someone, somewhere is trying to guide me to where the plane can be found.

Looking through my notes I’ve just noticed something I wrote for the first time. Bloody underlined it as well.

The problem started in the flight deck with something they thought hadn’t been maintained or not repaired as requested. If something specific needed maintaining then there has to be a written record of this, or so you would think.

The plane flew in a South Westerly direction looking for somewhere to put down. I keep getting conflict in my head between Mauritius and Maldives, not helpful at all. Mauritius feels more right. Then I was shown the three dots and a comma. A cluster of rocks/Islands. One of the pilots knew where they were going I feel. It is my believe that this is where they tried to put the plane down. Not on land but on the water. The rocks are an indication of where the plane went down. I was given three figures. 3200. 49. 120.

I saw the tail end of the plane breaking away, but not immediately.

Sunday 16th I did a second meditaion. On this occasion I was in the cabin. My focus kept shifting, not a lot fitting into a picture. I got a sense of people gathering, stood up at the rear end of the plane. At first I thought they were blocking the gangway, but came to realise this was organised.

See two people on board with pacemakers and one with a metal plate somewhere inside their body. To suggest it’s in the head would be a guess. The planes problem has an effect on at least on of these people. Odd, but that’s what I get. You see I can only write what I get and feel. To embelish or make sense when there is little of it available might make it into something else entirely.

Saw a girl with her back to me. A crescent shaped tattoo or birthmark on her right shoulder.

The name Rob was very significant. Wrote down Xing Na. Tansie ( could be Tan Si, not sure). Nadge.

A Chinese air hostess was holding a child, seemed to be nursing him/her, couldn’t tell. Got a sense that the child was travelling with a man but wanted mum. Caught a brief glimpse of her face and got the name Peggy.  Sensed this wasn’t her name though.

Keep seeing a Tom and Jerry cartoon playing, the one where the black maid is chasing Tom with the sweeping brush.

I may have missed something but not anything relevant.

Spent the next five days trying to get my information out there.

Firstly through a free lance journalist who felt she couldn’t do much with it.

Friends spoke to The Mail, Sky News, This Morning tv show. No-one rang or made any effort to speak to me.

Posted some of the information online to help move things along.

Spoke to a lovely guy called Rob in Australia who had a colleague on the flight. At first I thought this must be the Rob I’d had in my head until he confirmed that their was infact a Rob on the plane. I gave hime the names Cath and David. Turns out Cath is Rob’s wife and was with him. David is Rob’s brother and has been extensively in the news. So the cynics can say I already knew, but I didn’t. Also thought we worked out who Peggy was, but there’s some conflict over this, so not sure. Problem was, half the names in my head conected to the gentleman I was talking too and not the plane.

So, with the help of my friend, we did the video.

It as been met, for the best part, positively. Not remotely intersted in the unwarranted or nasty comments. They come from closed minded people who don’t know the first thing about me and are making assumptions they can’t substaniate. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and some people will never believe in anything even if presented to them on a gold plate.

I will address one small point. Someone commented that I only got English names in the video. Well, let’s go back to the beginning. I was predominantly hearing Chinese voices, but I don’t speak Chinese. There is an assumption that everyone can speak English in spirit. Well maybe eventually, once they’ve ascended. When spirits come to me they speak in the mother tongue usually which can make for an interesting reading. Many clients can attest to this fact.

I estimate that by the end of today over 17,000 people will have seen the video. Still I’m waiting for the right people to get in touch. Sky News won’t help because my findings have no scientific basis. Well all of the scientific brains are doing a fine job it seems. No disrespect intended but what is the harm in helping put it out there?

There’s nothing else to go on.

Have a few more pointers from last night Tuesday 1st April.

I was trying to get to sleep and they came back. That voices from a week ago.

I asked where is the plane, exactly?

If only it was that simple with this. I was answered with a couple of questions. Given the fact that the plane’s in trouble and the passengers are the utmost priority would you A) keep flying until you ran out of fuel and crashed into the middle of the ocean. or B) Look for a place to put down close to land where people have a chance of getting off the plane and reaching this land.

Secondly I was shown a pallette with something really heavy strapped to it. It looked like some kind of engine  but could be something totally different. It had a cooling system and a big metal casing. This must have been in the cargo hold and there should be a record of what I’m seeing in the planes manifest. Whether or not this is relevant I do not know.

What do I know from all of this?

If you take off from Malaysia and fly 3200 miles, 3227 to be precise, in a South Westerly direction you come to a cluster of rocks/Islands that from the air looks exactly as described in the video. The comma part of the cluster is called St Brandon’s Rock and has a surface area of 49 square miles. That would explain the numbers 49 and 3200 I ws given. Another name for St Brandon’s Rock is Co-Co Island.

Seperately, several people have directed me towards a cluster of Islands in the Maldives, The comma part of the cluster is also called Co-Co Island. Though none of the numbers work, unless anyone can tell me differently.

I am told that more than one person reportedly saw a plane flying lower than usual, over Mauritius the day the plane vanished. St Brandon’s rock is 132 kilometres North of Mauritius. You would think that this would have been investigated but who knows?

What I don’t know is if there are survivors. I will never give false hope but if the plane landed on the surface of the water surely people could have gotten off the plane. Could the people be congregating at the back of the plane for this reason? I’m not saying they are on St Brandon’s rock, but there are many rocks and tiny crags that they might have reached. Unpopulated and barren.

What I was shown was an area the experts would recognise and relate too, that is all.

I have been sent maps, news reports  a list of passengers. I can honestly say I have looked at none of them. That is not how my process works. By giving me information it can corrupt what’s in my head in the sense that it’s human nature to make things fit. I work by putting the pieces together and the pieces suggest St Brandon’s rock.

Common sense suggests that if the plane had simply crashed there would be wreckage strewn everywhere, thousands of pieces. Not so if the plane had landed the way I suggest.

I will look at the information that everyone has kindly sent me, but ideally I need to speak to a relative who had someone onboard. 10 – 15 minutes of there time might help complete the picture. I’m holding out for that before I do anything else. I sent a friendship request to a lady in Australia who’s husband was on the plane but she’s not responded. Why would she? I’m a stranger.

The aim though is to get a plane to fly over the area and do a thorough check of the region. If I’m wrong I’ll apologise now. But if I’m right there’s a chance, no matter how slim, that it might save lives.

You can help by sharing the video and now sharing this post. Don’t know how many people it will take to get some action but I won’t give up, I can’t, someone up there won’t let me.

LOve and Light xx