The Message is out

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Thank you for coming to my blog

I will be adding posts regularly and I hope you enjoy reading them!

Speaking of reading… I have just released my first book “The Message:Two Voices”

Here’s a brief description of what it’s all about…

Exploring the realms of life,death, and beyond. The infinite possibilities created in this world and the next through the twelve keys of creation.
Llife, it’s purpose and meaning. What makes us tick and why life doesn’t always give us what we want. How to remedy those problems and why we have a higher purpose.
Death. The journey to ‘heaven’ taking us through an exploration of limbo and hell, ascension, spirit guides, angels and much more.
And beyond. Parallel universes, time travel, Other worlds and dimensions.
Two Voices. That of the author, a renowned medium, and his extraodinairy life so far. And those of the voices that have channelled the Messages that this work intends to share.





Wishing you all a wonderful day

LOve and light